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St. Luke’s School Gym Procedures

(Available under Documents for a printable copy)

Last season representatives of each of the NCBA teams met with St. Luke’s School to discuss procedures for this upcoming season.  St. Luke’s has a very strict behavior policy which we all must follow in order to be able to continue to enjoy the facilities. Each team who plays at St. Luke’s needs to be aware of the following guidelines for both home and visiting teams.

1)                  Two gyms are used –

St Lukes MS means the Middle School gym in the main academic building. To access this gym go down the main staircase through the cafeteria double doors.  Take a right in the cafeteria and go through another set of swinging doors into a carpeted area with lockers on the left.  Go past several doors on the right and you will come to the gym.

St Lukes AC means the Athletic Center gym located in the  athletic center which is the free standing building that you see directly ahead of you as you drive into the school (it is to the right of the main school entrance).  To access this gym enter the athletic center via the glass doors at the top of the stairs (NOT the doors off the circle at lower level). Gym is to your left.


2)                 Bathrooms – they are located on the gym level in both buildings. 


3)                 Monitors – each team is required to assign at least one monitor responsible for ensuring that both home and visiting teams do not “wander the halls”, “open lockers” or mistreat the bathrooms.  At the end of the game the monitors should check to make sure everything is in order.  If it is not report it to the coach and/or Emil Bucci (SLS head of facilities) immediately.

In addition, monitors assigned to the LAST GAME of the day need to push in the stands in the OLD GYM only.





4)                 Shoes – please wear street shoes in and change into basketball shoes for play in order to protect the floors.



5)                 Drinks – Only water please in the gyms – no Gatorade or other soft drinks. If something spills please clean it up.



6)                 Trash – please ensure all trash is picked up at the end of the game and deposited in the trash bins located around the school.



7)                 Small children  - please ask parents to keep younger children with them, not running in the halls or up and down stairs.  This is for the safety and protection of all.



8)                 Construction – there is construction on a new performing arts center taking place in the main academic building – transforming what was once one of the old gym into the theatre. Because there may be dust, SLS personnel will sweep the court floor prior to the first game.



Most important, SLS asks that all Basketball teams (both home teams and visiting teams) and their families treat the school facilities as they would their own – for the enjoyment, safety and protection of all. If we do this we can all enjoy the use of the gyms for years to come. If we mistreat the facilities we won’t be invited back.