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Joe Coppo Tournament Teams: 

Please pass this information on to your coaches and appropriate team personnel.
The Rules for this year’s Tournament are as follows:
  1. We play four 8 minute quarters.  We will play a 2 minute overtime.  If the game is still tied after one 2 minute overtime, it ends in a tie.
  2. Two time outs per half, per team.
  3. Site Directors have been instructed to shorten halftime, quarter and between game breaks if necessary to stay on schedule.
  4. Player fouls out on the 5th foul.
  5. On the 7th team foul, it’s 1 and 1.  On the 10th, it’s 2 shots.
  6. 3 point shots count only in gyms with 3 point markings.
  7. Each team plays exactly 4 games in the Tournament.  There are no playoffs.
  8. Trophies will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place based on the following criteria.
                         A.  Overall record.      
                         B.  If two teams are tied, head to head games break the tie.  
                         C.  Overall point differential versus common opponents.  (15 point maximum limit per game.)   
                         D. If no common opponents, overall point differential.  (15 point maximum limit per game.)
                         E. Fewest points allowed for the tournament
                         F. If still tied after the above 5, we will do a coin flip

If the winner and second place teams are known at the time those teams finish their final games, we will do our best to hand out trophies immediately after those games.  There may be circumstances where winners may need to get their trophies at a time other than directly following their games (such as where the winners are not known until other teams finish playing etc..).

For each game, the home team listed on the schedule should provide an acceptable game ball – 28.5 ball for all girls divisions and 6B; regulation ball for 7B and 8B.

Other than as superseded by these rules, regular Fairfield County Basketball League rules will apply (such as no pressing once you have a 15 point lead etc…).  These rules can be found on the FCBL website at www.fcblhoops.org.

Each gym will have its own board with the scores posted from games at that gym each day.  The scores of all games in the Tournament will be emailed out to everyone at the end of each day.  We will also post scores on our website.  www.ncbahoops.org.

Have fun!!

Chris Ellis - New Canaan Tournament Director