3rd Grade Boys Program

3rd Grade Boys Basketball

New Canaan Travel Preparation Program

Winter ‘23-’24


Experienced, professional coaches will run a fundamental basketball skills and games program for 3rd grade New Canaan boys from November 2022 through March 2022 out of a gym in Norwalk. The primary objectives of the program are to introduce the boys to skill work and full-court play, and to prepare them for New Canaan’s Middle School Travel Basketball program, which begins in 5th grade.

Spots will be limited to 22-24 players. Evaluations take place in late October; practices begin in mid-November and the season ends in late February. Exact dates and times of all events are pending.

Mike Evans, a former varsity head coach and NCAA Division 1 assistant, and a former semi-pro, college and high school all-state player, will oversee this foundational skills-based program that also includes intra squad games and games against other towns’ teams. Mike’s website for basketball instruction can be found here.

Games will be played on weekends, primarily at set locations and times.


While limiting roster spots at such a young age may be perceived as controversial, keeping an effective player-to-coach ratio is vital for learning and advancement. This program is designed for players with some previous experience playing basketball, and for players who demonstrate age-appropriate or advanced fundamental competencies.

Curriculum and Schedule

The twice-per-week program will follow a strict curriculum, the features of which are but aren’t limited to ball-handling, defense, shooting, passing and in-game concepts.

There will be roughly 36 total sessions including Saturday afternoon commitments for league play. Practices are held in Norwalk; Saturday games are played locally, tentatively at St. Luke’s School

General, Tentative Season Schedule

Pending - to be released the week before evaluations.

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