The NCBA travel teams have limited roster space so the experience for the players and coaches is optimized.


NCBA travel teams are open to 5th through 8th grade boys and girls who live or attend public school in New Canaan. The teams are selected by the NCBA coaching advisors based on tryouts completed in mid-October.


Tryouts take place this year the week of October 16th. Each grade gets two tryout sessions.


Tryouts will be held at Saxe and NCCS.


Players will be provided a pinney for tryouts. Please do not wear any NCBA gear to tryouts.


Players are asked to come with a basketball and water.


NO parents allowed in the gym for tryouts. The coaching directors and head coaches will run tryouts and make all roster decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I find out if my child makes a team?

Team assignments and practice schedules will be communicated typically within a week after tryouts conclude. 

Are team rosters the same every year?

No. Every child's basketball journey differs, especially in middle school, and the NCBA encourages learning and development throughout the year. Players who did not make a team last year, but worked hard over the off-season, have the opportunity to make a team this year. Similarly, the NCBA recognizes that some middle schoolers decide to switch sports, and they are welcome and encouraged to attend tryouts for travel basketball. That being said, there are no guarantees for returning players to make a travel team.

If my child does not make a travel team, can he/she still play basketball?

Yes! We encourage kids who do not make a NCBA travel team this year to pursue their love of basketball, including playing YBall at the New Canaan YMCA or attending one of the NCBA off-season programs or clinics. Team rosters change every year, so we encourage kids to keep playing and improving.

Is there an "A" and "B" team?

The NCBA plans each year to have two teams per grade for boys and girls. In 5th grade the rosters have previously been constructed to be as equal as possible and the teams play in the same FCBL division. For 6th, 7th, and 8th grade the general rule has been to have an "A" (black) and "B" (red) team.

Varying levels of participation and skill can vary the number and construction of our teams. We work hard to accommodate as many players as possible, and to make the experience as rewarding for each player as possible, within the limits we face - gym space, coaching availability, etc.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please email with any questions about the program or administration of things.

Girls Travel Teams 2023-2024

Registration is now closed.  Please email with questions about the program or scholarship opportunities.

Boys Travel Teams 2023-2024

Registrations have closed.  Please email with questions about the program or scholarship options.

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